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Animating: Rob the Robot

March 3, 2011
It's a wrap!
Phil and I successfully managed one seriously fast turnaround on "Rob the Robot". This kind of efficiency was thanks in large part to our affable director, Phillip Stamp at  One Animation in Singapore, and our expertly organized producer, Craig Young at Amberwood Entertainment who had these kind words:

"...Tara her husband Phil were the ONLY members of our Canadian animation team for Rob The Robot; completing 5 x 11 minute episodes not only in record time but with phenomenal quality!"

Rob the Robot is a peppy little kids' TV series animated in Autodesk Softimage. It's a high-volume show with a very organized pipeline and an extensive library. 

I wish you could see their slick style pack with illustrated tips and video examples for keeping the approach consistent.

We also did some animation cycles for the website. It's a great spot for little kids to visit. Check it out: http://www.robtherobot.com/

Rob the Robot is currently airing on TVO.