' Tara Donovan - Animator: Muskoka Animation Studios Huntsville

Muskoka Animation Studios Huntsville

January 30, 2015
For most of 2014 I was a senior animator working on a still-to-be-released indie CG feature. The parent company was Toronto-based Awesometown Entertainment, but the animation was done from a satellite office in Huntsville at the Waterloo Summit Center for the Environment, just steps away from beautiful hiking trails, kayaking in the summer, skating and sliding in the winter. 3 hours away from family and friends, our little group of animators became a great team sharing potluck meals, hanging out at one of the 2 local pubs, and of course, working on our recently-completed movie. It was an unforgettable experience. I missed my family back home and I put 23,000km on my car, but I feel really happy that I took the chance on this adventure and got to know these wonderful people. More about the project soon...