' Tara Donovan - Animator: Ipad sketching with Auryn Ink and my new Nomad Brush

Ipad sketching with Auryn Ink and my new Nomad Brush

Jan 3, 2012

Holiday set-up with poinsettias :D
For Christmas I got a new stylus called the Nomad Brush. I think it's pretty awesome as it has a real bristle brush made of conductive metal threads.  I've had a lot of fun with Auryn Ink.  It's a very easy to learn if you have watercolour painting experience, which I do. If you don't you may find it frustrating because it's quite realistic! ONE undo - which is one more than you get in real painting, hehe... but there's an actual 'drying' timer that acts like an hourglass showing you how dry your paint is. Once that ink is dry, the undo no longer works... 

One more problem: no-eye dropper! So, if you're used to being able to sample a tone you will have to just eyeball it & recreate it. Not the best for workflow.

1st sketch in Auryn Ink. Nice paint physics and blending.
 Auryn Ink appears to be very low-res. I assume that's to keep the paint physics flowing nicely, which it does. But hopefully in future versions of maybe the iOS or the program itself, we'll be able to save higher-res files. 

This is my very first stab at using this program -- it's just a quick sketch but I can tell you I was thrilled with the way the colours flowed and dried like real paint. It was lots of fun and I recommend it highly.

Check out my video demo of this fast, intuitive and inexpensive app.