' Tara Donovan - Animator: Working at TopixFX

Working at TopixFX

Some recent examples of TopixFX work
Dec 8, 2012

I just took a leave of absence from teaching to take a temporary full-time freelance gig animating realistic creatures at Toronto commercial and VFX house TopixFx.
For the past month I've been animating crazy-cute critters and while I'm dying to tell you all about it it's completely NDA.

For a small studio, the talent at Topix is extremely diverse, producing top-quality work ranging from cartoony to hyper-real.

I really appreciate the creature experience of our  director, Marcus Alqueres, who has an extensive VixFX background including animation and supervision credits from Rise of Planet of the Apes, The 300 and TinTin. Looking forward to another few weeks on this project!