' Tara Donovan - Animator: Topix VFX: first Telus Giant Panda spot is up!

Topix VFX: first Telus Giant Panda spot is up!

March 5, 2013
Here's the top-secret project - codenamed "Darwin" -  that I worked on starting in November, 2012: a series of Telus Mobility ads for TopixVFX. I was very proud to join the little crew of high-end VFX animators under the expert supervision of Marcus Alqueres (300, Tin Tin, Rise of Planet of the Apes).

The Houdini rendering team did an incredible job of bringing the photo-real creatures to life.
Here's the very first Telus giant panda spot - animated by the talented Bobby Stockport (Jack the Giant Slayer), Lawrence Choi and Jason Wellings. There are more panda spots coming and more creatures too! Stay tuned...

The embedded video is large. If it takes too long to load try this link: http://vimeo.com/user10821538/review/61021558/f5bf003399